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Executives of Garden State Cricket League

03/15/2022POSTED BY Shelton Glasgow

Executives of Garden State Cricket League

Executive Committee of the Garden State Cricket League
  • President                                      Rohan Jones
  • Vice President                             Shelton Glasgow
  • General Secretary                        Dr. Leon Copeland
  • Asst. Secretary/Treasurer          Debra Coombs
  • Treasurer                                      Sheldon Bhurlasingh 
        At the recently concluded Garden State Cricket League AGM/Election meeting the above persons were elected as members of the executive committee. The new committee members thank the clubs for their support and expresses the hope that they will continue to be engaged in the affairs of the league. Your participation and input are directly related to maintaining the high standards and successes of the GSCL. 
      We look forward to working with you; while continually striving to advance the development of the league by making it a fun and competitive place to play and enjoy cricket.
The Executive Committee

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