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04/27/2021POSTED BY Shelton Glasgow

The Pronogsticator

           At the end of the 2020 competitions and leading into the 2021 season teams have made several roster additions and omissions. This phenomenon happens every year but the changes that occurred may well signal a different outcome in the usual pecking order for 2021. My crystal ball may not be crystal clear (blame it on Covid 19), but here goes.
            From group 1, Berbice Royals is much improved but so is the NJ Rebels, NJCC can be spoilers with newcomers South Hudson rounding out the top four. Emerging from this foursome will be four-time GSCL champions Wanderers Sports Club. Eclipse CC and Western Allstars are projected to finish at the bottom of the points table.
            From group 2, Last years runner-up Commonwealth Cricket Club is projected to loose key players thus they will be less competitive this season. Jersey City through acquisition should be much improved over last year, and Montego Bay is expected to regain some form of dominance by virtue of acquiring quality players. Trin-Jersey could be a sleeper and create problems for some teams, newcomer Staten Island along with Elite CC and Dominica United are unknowns at this point and are not expected to be serious contenders (among the top four) in their group.
            This promises to be a very competitive season but, in the end, Group 1 semi-finalists should be Wanders Sports Club and Berbice Royals with Wanderers advancing to the finals. In Group 2 the semi-finalists should be Montego Bay and Jersey City CC. In the final analysis this is a toss-up, but I give the edge to Jersey City, they have more potential upside than any other team. The veterans and defending champions Wanderers Sports Club will certainly be a force to be reconned with, theirs' is a winning culture. However, I conclude that the projected winner of the coveted GSCL 2021 championship trophy will be the JERSEY CITY CRICKET CLUB.
            Now if only I could predict the winning numbers for the Mega million, I’ll be sunning in the Caribbean instead of prognosticating.
           Shelton Glasgow 

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