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01/08/2019POSTED BY Shelton Glasgow


President: Rohan Jones, Vice President: Shelton Glasgow, Secretary: Dr. Leon Copeland, Treasurer: Monica Anderson: Asst. Sec. Apurva Nair, PRO: Eric Otto. 
Rev. Esar Budhu, Trevor Barrow, Leonard Charles.
The Garden State Cricket League; (GSCL)
            The Garden State Cricket League was founded in 1993. It is administered by a constitutionally elected executive committee that oversees the day-to-day operation of the league with oversight provided by a board of trustees. Elections are held biannually, each full member club and the Cricket Umpires Association of New Jersey are entitled to a vote. 
            The League is proud of its ethnic and cultural diversity with players from over ten countries represented. It is a non-political, non-profit organization that inspires leadership; cultivate friendships, teamwork, respect and self-discipline. The GSCL is responsible for organizing season-long competitive cricket culminating in the annual championship competition with teams under its purview. There are two divisions, each participating in the regular season Limited Over and T20 Competitions. The league supports the promotion and development of all forms of the game specifically youth and women’s cricket. 

            The Garden State Cricket League is registered in the state of New Jersey. Funding is acquired by such means that are consistent with the laws of the federal government and the State of New Jersey. The resources are utilized to support the leagues’ programs such as training, coaching, exhibitions, seminars, youth, women’s development and eventually the promotion of cricket in schools. The GSCL is cognizant of its role in the community and strives to always be a positive influence. As ambassadors of the sport the league adheres to the principles of the game. The integrity of the sport is essential hence the administrators, officials and players are ethically and morally committed to play the game within the spirit it was intended. 
            Cricket is dubbed a gentleman’s game, which is evidenced by the display of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the competitors on and off the field of play. It is also a game of glorious uncertainties and is the only sport governed by laws, but steeped in tradition namely stopping for water, lunch and tea breaks during the game.
GSCL Objectives are to:
Be respectful, this is central to the spirit of the game.
Play the sport in a safe and friendly environment.
Provide equal opportunities for individuals to learn, develop and improve their cricketing skills.
Introduce the sport to schools, youths both male and female.
Use cricket as a social bridge to improve community relationships.
Maintain membership with the International Cricket Council (ICC), its USA affiliate and or the national governing body for cricket in the USA.
Please address correspondence to:
Garden State Cricket League, C/O
The General Secretary
GSCL Executive Committee 

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