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Shelton Glasgow (

Garden State Cricket League 2016 Pre Season Picks
         The 26thseason of the GSCL gets underway on Sunday April 28th, it promises to be an exciting season. After consulting with the local experts on GSCL teams the prognosticator looked into his cricket ball (not crystal ball) and derived the following. 
Division 1:
Wanderers SC: will beseverely challenged but picked to win their third successive championship.
Montego Bay CC: a veteran team that knows how to win but not good enough will end up as number 2.
GWIA: a wild card,returning after an absence of several years is projected to finish 3rd.
Westfield CC: always a tough competitive team but will finish in the number 4 spot.
Queen City:an energetic group of young men, winners of division 2 optimistically will finish in 5thplace. 
Trin-Jersey:recently promoted to division 1 will be competitive in most games but will finish in 6th place.
Newark CC: a team still searching for a consistency they are slated to finish in 7thplace.
Berbice Royals:this is a team in transition and will finish a disappointing 8thplace.
Division 2:
NJ Rebels: the pick of division 2, they are determined to prove their superiority by being number 1.
Jersey City CC: high-energy players, they will challenge for the top spot but will finish at #2.
Dominica United CC:are in a transitory period but still has enough talent to finish in 3rd.
Western All-stars: an experienced group of players but not talented enough to finish above 4thplace.
NJCC: a new entrant to the GSCL but not to cricket good enough to finish in 5thplace.
St. Agnes & Paul CC:a group of assorted players picked for 6thbut may challenge for the 7thposition.
Commonwealth CC: a veteran team playing for the enjoyment of the sport will finish in the 7thspot.

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