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The Cricket Umpires Association of New Jersey (CUANJ)

Shelton Glasgow (

         The Cricket Umpires Association of New Jersey is an autonomous body that is affiliated with the Garden State Cricket League, (GSCL). From its inception 25 years ago, this dedicated group has lent their knowledge and experience to the improvement of cricket through umpiring. Their input to league officials and overall participation in cricket matters has made them indispensable to the many successes of the GSCL.
        The CUANJ umpires attend seminars and or workshops annually to familiarize themselves with the new laws, rules and local playing conditions. Officials have to maintain their focus for six or more hours or approximately 480 to 510 deliveries (balls bowled) while standing in the hot sun. Umpires are an integral part of the game and it is virtually impossible to have organized cricket without an effective and dependable cadre. Imagine the level of concentration necessary to officiate a cricket game, especially when judgments have to be made within a split second. 
        One may ask, what motivates people to place themselves in a position where their decisions are sometimes questioned? The majority if not all would answer, “we simply love cricket”. While the players’ perspective may differ, they would all agree that the sportsmanship enjoyed by teams would be minimal and the Garden State Cricket League would not be experiencing its 26thyear without the contributions of the Cricket Umpires Association of New Jersey.
The CUANJ wish the teams and executive of the GSCL a successful and enjoyable 2019 season.
Interested in becoming a member of the Cricket Umpires Association of New Jersey (NJCUA), submit your email to,

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