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Shelton Glasgow (sglas2)

             The recently concluded season of the 2022 Garden State Cricket League is starkly juxtaposed between “challenges”, and “successes”. Lessons gleamed from the last season are being addressed and will result in an administratively improved and exciting organization for 2023 and beyond. The success of this league is measured by the support of teams, the accomplishments of the players and the contribution of a strong cadre of umpires. The confluence of those three aspects together with the executive, is reason for optimism in that the GSCL shall maintain its’ status as one of the most successful cricket leagues in the metro area. Season 2022 saw the introduction of the champion versus champion game.
             The 40 overs and T20 are two competitive tournaments in the GSCL.  The 40 over championship game was between Eclipse and Jersey City cricket club. This was a high scoring game in which Eclipse defeated Jersey City to win the coveted Trevor Barrow Trophy and the GSCL championship. Mr. Marvin Darlington was named the league’s MVP. The T20 competition was divided into two groups, “A” Division and Premier Slate Division thus providing additional opportunities for more teams to experience the thrill of competing for a championship. The “A” Division was won by NJ Rebels who defeated Dominica CC, and the Premier Slate Division was won by Westfield CC who defeated Montego Bay CC, the Colin Williams Trophies were awarded to the winners. Mr. Ramesh Ramnarine of NJ Rebels won the MVP for the “A” Division, while Mr. Harish Ramani of Westfield CC won the MVP for Premier Slate Division. 
              The champion versus champion game between NJ Rebels and Westfield CC was a very exciting game which saw Westfield defeat NJ Rebels to claim the first ever Presidents’ Trophy. There were many individual accomplishments, Mr. Ita Sterling of Western All Stars won the batting title by scoring the most runs in the tournament, and Mr. Iqwe Craig of Trin Jersey took the best average honors. Most wickets went to Mr. Kevin Deeroop of NJ Rebels while the bowling average was captured by Mr. Mario Lobban of South Hudson CC. In all there were fourteen centurions, and seventeen players who garnered five or more wickets in a game. 
            One of the many highlights of the season was the return of the GSCL traditional indoor presentation held at Club Eclipse. During the covid years safety concerns forced the league to forgo indoor presentations. Teams, umpires, and supporters socializing together at the end of the season is a Garden State Cricket League tradition that pays homage to well-deserved recipients. Thanks for an entertaining season, good luck in 2023, let’s keep our culture alive and remember it’s not whether you win or loose but how you play the game.

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